House Made Pasta 

@ District North

Pasta is the Thing! Italian cuisine is more woven into Melbourne’s food fabric than any other cuisine. For most of us, it’s our first choice in terms of familiarity when out eating. Many restaurants have been feeding us for decades while adding modern twists, infusions & artistry to Italian food.


However, why change up Italian cuisine too much? Let’s face it, it was pretty much nailed the first time round!

It all stems from Nonna's cooking, and despite recent culinary tactics, our Nonnas haven’t changed a bit and we hope they never do!! For a limited time, District North is going to lean to the classics! Fresh, homemade pasta from the best possible ingredients as we serve up mouth-watering old favourites.


I'm talking about the Nonna experience on a Sunday where she cooks the Bolognese sauce on slow heat for 6 hours - stirring it slowly as she simultaneously hand makes gently-dusted pasta of your choice piece by piece: gnocchi, spaghetti, fettuccine, rigatoni, casarecce and fusilli. Pasta so insanely tasty, it’s eaten before it’s even cooked!

We are making the antipasto sexy again, while gracing our menu with authentic share plates to start and adding Nonna's secret tiramisu amongst other desserts that will leave you craving your next visit.


Wednesday to Monday 8:30AM-10:00PM

 (Closed on Tuesdays)

Casual, Fully Licensed spot for Date nights, family dinners and maybe a

night off for your Nonna!

Simple hearty Italian. Buon Appetito